About Us


We are committed to ensuring basic and quality education (non-formal) for the less privileged, promote peaceful co-existence through peace building in communities, strengthening capacity for self-help, delivering relief in emergencies, addressing discrimination in all its forms, ensuring restoration of livelihood and food security, and also help in ensuring good health through sensitization and wealth creation for women, and youths empowerment. We also provide ICT to make our leaner’s computer literates to fit in the present global demand of computer age.

Our Vision

We envision a world of hope and social justice through literacy education where everyone is liberated from Poverty, Ignorance, Discrimination and Conflict, while everyone live in dignity as well restore livelihood and food security.

Strategies Adopted
  • Advocacy/Sensitization
  • Home/Community based care
  • Training peer educators
  • Intermediary between IDP’s and INGO’s/NGO’s
  • Permanent Staff: 10
  • Volunteer Staff: 17
  • Total: 27
  • Personal approach
  • Prompt reporting of activities through M&E
  • Accountable
  • Commitment without compromise
  • Competent and dedicated staff
  • Prompt and professional services through hard-work and honesty.


  • Reaching the unreached without barrier.
  • To support affected victims with some relief materials in emergencies, provide psychosocial support for the traumatized and restore livelihood
  • To raise awareness on STI/HIV/AIDS, infant and maternal nutrition
  • To help create safe environment for all children irrespective of their gender, religion and ethnic affiliation , physical and mental abilities and disabilities and other cultural dissimilarities.
  • To promote community participation in the education of the girl child and peace building
  • Reduce and mitigate poverty through small scale enterprises and agriculture for women and youths.